The 25 Days Of Honda Days: Day XXV, AutoNation Honda Of Roseville

On Honda Day 2016, Honda gave to me: AutoNation Honda Of Roseville.

As it was last year, the finale of Honda Days consists of a visit to a House Of Honda: a Honda dealership. As with last year, the closest one at my disposal was the AutoNation Honda Of Roseville.

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This dealership seems to have hundreds of cars and, in addition to all the cars, the place was pretty large and a part of a giant string of car dealerships. What does that mean for the environment? Very bad things. All I wanted for Honda Day was for the environment to be saved and, seeing places like this House Of Honda, I get discouraged.

So, the final, most important question: how happy does the 2016 Honda Days make me? Fairly happy. I feel haunted by these cars but we are connected because we all consume. Happy Honda Day, from my Honda(s) to yours.

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