The Best $10 Glasses

I have been coveting those Adam Selman sunglasses for years. You know the ones, right? The Le Specs collaboration called “The Last Lolita“: those are the ones I’m talking about.

They’re vintage and sexy and weird but new and, while I love them, they are $120 dollars and too much of a statement for me to get down with. Plus, they very easily could trend expire in a matter of days and I would likely look like an NYC party gay: there is no reason to spend so much on such a pair.

So, when my friend Rachel was sporting something similar, I had to ask: Where did you get those glasses? They looked like the Adam Selmans, they felt like the Adam Selmans, they offered that Adam Selman appeal – but were they the Adam Selmans? They were not, she explained, but instead a $10 pair of glasses from Amazon. I was quite shocked since I hadn’t seen or found a similar looking pair whose quality was so high to match a bank account so low: these glasses were my way to get that Last Lolita look for way, way, way fucking less.

And…now I own them and I can say to you confidently that they are a good purchase. They have a material heft most cheap glasses do not have, they have a satisfying grip, they seem to wear nicely, and they are so cheap that you don’t feel bad wearing them during and in places where expensive glasses may be at risk. I do not think anyone should ever endorse a knockoff yet, when a cultural, fashionable product has reached the near ubiquity of the Shutter Shade, one gets a pass to save some cash. No, buying knockoffs shouldn’t be the center of your style but, like junk food, you can allow yourself a purchase as such once or twice a year – and the Selman Specs are perfect for this type of indulgence.

For those interested, shop away: here are the $10 sunglasses you’ve been dreaming of on Amazon Prime. They’re available in multiple colors and on ebay too. They come in a slew of colors too. Enjoy but, please, let’s all not wear them at once. We don’t want to kill the trend just yet, do we?

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