The Best Grandma Photographer In The World

You have probably never heard of Kimiko Nishimoto. Even visiting her website, you probably don’t have an idea of why you should know her.

Nishimoto is a photographer, who discovered the medium in her seventies. As a crude Google translation details, she describes her history as, “for the first time touched the Mac for the first time the camera at the touch 74-year-old in a 72-year-old, trial and error and also along with the lovely pictures Pals while, enjoys 100 times the life.” So, yes, she’s new to this. Her photos are mostly quiet, dreamy still lives that you might find on the packaging of a Japanese hygienic product.

But, as Booooooom points out, Nishimoto is notable for her gems of self-portrait experimentations. As she is only recently introduced to the medium and technology, she has found herself playing with her selfies in such a funny, often ridiculous way. They’re an inspirational form of techno art comedy.

Kimiko Nishimoto Japanese Photographer 87 Years Old Grandma funny phone 1234kyle5678 1

For example: she loves staging accidents. From falling off a vehicle, into traffic, to finding herself locked inside a plastic bag, Nishimoto has figured out a way to photograph herself in the most imaginative yet common ways. A cross between Photo Booth fun times and joyous senior discovery, there is something so exciting about what she’s doing because it’s so unlocked from any trappings, tropes, or histories associated with what these types of photos should be. She is the nursing home version of Cindy Sherman.

There are a limited number of photos found of her but each one is a unique, special gem of humor and creativity. She’s a very special artist. Find more of her work here but find a selection of her best photos over on Booooooom.

Kimiko Nishimoto Japanese Photographer 87 Years Old Grandma funny phone 1234kyle5678 2

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