The Best New Drag Meme Is CLAT Drags

While much of new Drag Race fans have been a fucking nightmare, some have actually made some fun things.

Mostly, they have made memes. Memes are funny. What’s also funny? Memes that use videos to make fun of an original video. That’s what we’re getting now as everyone is realizing how fucking stupid the season nine NYC “C.L.A.T.” crew of Alexis Michelle, Sasha Velour, Aja, and Peppermint is.

Some background: the aforementioned queens dropped the song “C.L.A.T.” in early April as a means of expressing solidarity by saying their defining qualities—club kids, legendary performers, art queens, and theater kids—were brought together by their greatness and NYC’s greatness. It was so obnoxious and silly and dad. It’s cringeworthy.

Thusly, fans are tearing it apart by giving it the Bee Movie treatment, cutting up the material to make LOLs at the original’s expense. It’s being sped up every time they say something dumb, entire queens are cut out or fast forwarded through, canon is being conjured, and then some. It is the best Drag Race meme that no one is talking about.

You can catch some of my favorite entries into this mini-movement below and note the deliciously shady entry above. Thanks for this, self-important NYC queens!

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