The Biggest Bottles Of Wine

There are some pretty big wine bottles in the world. Yes, a liter of wine might be a bit beefier than their 750ml counterparts but I’m talking about bottles that look like monsters of alcohol, these big boys of booze that lend a stress considering how they could ever get drunk.

But they do. They’re rare boys but they exist. So what is the biggest bottle of them all? To understand, we should understand the sizes that are most common. A standard bottle is 750ml and their beefier counterpart—the Magnum—is two bottles, a leader and a half of wine. That’s a lot! But perfectly do-able for the right dinner part occasion.

They then get fairly exponential fast, grotesque monsters of consumption: the “Double Magnum” known as Jeroboam is three liters (four bottles), the the Methuselah is six liters (eight bottles), the Salmanazar is nine liters (twelve bottles), the Balthazar is twelve liters (sixteen bottles), and the Nebuchanezzar is fifteen liters (twenty bottles). That’s a lot of fucking wine! You’ve probably seen these blobs of bottles at restaurants feigning fancy but thought them to be a prop because they were empty next to the host stand. They are actually based on fact: these are real bottle sizes with very biblical names.

They don’t stop at the Nebuchanezzar either: that one is just more common than the even bigger bottles. I had previously only known about the Nebuchanezzar from working in restaurants but a trip to the Champagne region recently woke me up to bigger bottles. Like what? The thirty liter, forty bottles worth, Melchizedek or “Midas.” This beast is hard to track down and quite rare considering it’s size. One of the few instances I could find of it was a strange post where the bottle spanned three grown men. It’s that big—and requires that many people to carry it. This bottle supposedly cost $275,000 and weighed a hundred pounds. That’s a lot of fucking wine and, as The Wine Cellar Insider says, the biggest tend to be champagnes.

Funny enough, none of these are “the biggest” though: Guinness reports that a three thousand liter bottle was the biggest. Obviously that one was all for show but something like the Midas is feasible to buy or have made unlike the specialty

It’s no wonder that an economy for the big wines has sprouted up to help you manage these giants. See above: the VCANTER is a Swiss made lift designed to pour these wines are otherwise unpourable. There are limits to this though as even these devices aren’t able to support the Midas.

In case you’re ever looking for a bottle to wow while you entertain, go for a big bottle. Maybe not a Midas, no, but big bottles make wine drinking in big groups more fun. Or, you know, they give people something to Instagram.

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