The Existential Pleasure Of Gabriel Gundacker

I love getting high and I love watching Vine videos.

This is a law: get high and watch Vine videos and LOL until you fall asleep. However, as any Vine connoisseur will tell you, the 2013 to 2016 window of creation yielded many a different style of makers that Vine compilations give you a taste of. Some of them are better than others, naturally, but there is a loving little pocket of Viners who were mining absurd comedy.

The best is Gabriel Gundacker. He’s just a normal dude! But a lot of things in his world of comedy just don’t add up in the best way possible. From a man who doesn’t understand music to Hillary Clinton ruining his life, Gundacker has a wonderful silliness about him that always seems to go to the dumb place but then leaps over the dumb place to this intellectual strangeness that makes his work so appealing. He does things like mash together politics – anything from ISIS to institutional racism – against the their cultural realities to create a delightful, sparking tension. He parodies the lowest common denominators of taste by playing to them in a way that likely goes over their head, claiming a film like The Shawshank Redemption is the best movie of all time or the obsession with Breaking Bad despite no one actually caring.

Similarly, it’s so fucking Vine stupid meta. There’s a self-deprecating “This is stupid.” feel to it all that he monopolizes on, making videos about internet speak or making videos simply about making videos. There’s a keen awareness of how trivial internet interactions are and how fucking ridiculous Vine based fame is. (Well…was.) He’s so fucking smart and so fucking funny and, in many ways, is also fucking adorable too.

While Vine may be dead, Gundacker is still pursuing comedy in some ways. No idea if he will ever crossover but, sheesh, he is so good. You’ll stumble across him high every few compilations but I’ve also included fourteen minutes – or 140 Vines – of his work below. Savor them. Get high with them. Enjoy them.

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