The Future Isn’t White.

The trailer for the new Blade Runner movie—Blade Runner 2049—is out now. It looks pretty great!

Other than my hating Ryan Gosling, knowing it will be yet another Harrison Ford Mentors Young Protegé film, and find it laughable that Jared Leto is still a thing, it looks like fun. Oh! And the movie is blindingly white.

The film takes place in the year 2049, a thirty two year leap from today that is both distant but pressing into us. It’s also thirty years after the original film—which took place in 2019—and was a feast of international flair, particularly as it envisioned a dark and drippy Los Angeles as an Asian cultural center. That’s great! This new film? It is shockingly white, white, white, white.

In skimming the released footage, only two traces of non-whiteness exist. The first is a projection of a ballerina who looks vaguely Asian and suggests like Ghost In The Shell that Asian women aren’t real. Not a good look.

The second instance was when cool looking Mackenzie Davis stormed into a de facto Mos Eisley cantina as two non-white persons chill on the side, nearly out of focus. You guys. This would have been the perfect opportunity for more representation!

Obviously, someone like Ryan Fucking Gosling should have been a person of color. Robot or not, the future is not white. Literally! Demographics nearing 2050 are going to be not very white. We’re dealing with those growing pains now with nationalist movements pushing for maintaining “culture” and racial borders despite great concerns for equality. What should Hollywood be doing? Inserting itself into the future by casting us as a people in an environmentally wasted world of not-white people.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time this has happened: last Winter’s Passengers was a great white mess. I don’t know much about this new Blade Runner film but I can guarantee that Gosling won’t be a gender bending sexually fluid future person given how surprisingly gendered and sexualized the females are in the trailer (and have been in the movie’s universe).

This is science fiction! Where is the fucking futuristic variety we’ve been promised? It’s making me insane. You can watch the trailer below, to see fore yourself.

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