The Good Grace Of Christmas

Christmas At Pee-Wee’s Playhouse is the gayest fucking way to celebrate the holigays. There are hot ass Marines, an easy-to-squeal Cher, a needy Little Richard, and a lot of colorful nouns that want to get you Christmassed up. It is the only way to appeal to your horniness for holigays.

Above all of this, Grace Fucking Jones makes an appearance. She serves as the Madonna by way of Marilyn Monroe by way of Blade Runner ingenue who mistakenly happens upon the Playhouse and takes the opportunity to serenade our savior—Pee-Wee—with a Christmas song dedicated to him. It is an abbreviated island conversion of “The Little Drummer Boy” done in a sweet, sanitized, and sexy way: it’s so Grace.

So celebrate the holigays! Enjoy Grace this season. Let her fuel the flames of your internal holiday fireplace. Let her dry your downstairs basement with comfort and joy—and fucking lament that this shit isn’t a full forty minute song (like Lindstøm’s) by watching how Grace does the song below.

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