The Life Of The Black Madonna

The Black Madonna is having a moment.

The Chicago based House artist has been making a name for herself by bringing bubbly, disco-focused music back to clubs and festivals. Her brand is fun and feminine underlined with the serious skills of a House music disciple. She carries the weight of music and personal history wherever she goes, which audiences and fans love her for.

It’s not easy for her, though: her recent, well-deserved success isn’t a fluke but years and years and years in the making. She’s in her mid-thirties and only now starting to get the attention and respect she deserves, which isn’t something very many women are given in the electronic circuit. Moreover, she’s American and doesn’t fit into boxes of categorization: she is quite unique.

These feelings and emotions, the happiness and struggle of her career, have been catalogued so, so wonderfully by Resident Advisor as a part of their Between The Beats documentary series. For thirty minutes, you follow Madonna as she goes from city to city playing gigs. In between, she shares her story and laments the state of women in the world today. She evokes Hillary Clinton at one point, explaining that she isn’t a huge fan of hers but the fact that Hillary will likely be president opens up a new, exciting universe for women. She, in turn, hopes to be that for electronic music since there are few people like her represented.

The irony behind this strong, strong story is that she initially was reluctant to being featured. “I was totally afraid,” she wrote on Facebook. “I’m not a person that loves photos and so on, but when I talked to the crew doing it, they were so great and so kind that I knew I was in good hands.” Thank god they got her into it because it is such a gem and, yes, she sparkles brightly.

For fans of the genre and fans of increased media representation, watch the documentary below. And keep an eye on The Black Madonna: her moment is ending anytime soon.

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