The Met Gala In Diapers

The Met Gala was earlier this week and there were so many beautiful dresses. There were flowing gowns and architectural fashion oddities: it was a feast for the eyes!

One question though, considering the functionality of constricting garments that houses like Comme des Garçons are known for: how do people go to the bathroom in them clothes? Think about all the garments worn: if you are locked into a skimpy body suit or cascading ruffle situation or constricting jacket or caged suit, how do you go to the bathroom?

This is a question for the ages that was actually answered by a very juicy blind item this week. It reads:

The glamorous attendees of the prestigious Met Gala in New York City are desperate to keep a very dirty little secret under wraps!

“Looking great at all costs is the number one priority for celebrities attending the Oscars of fashion and A-list stars don’t mind if one of those costs is being unable to go to the bathroom,” explained one well-heeled attendee.

“Several of the lady guests are wearing diapers. Literally, you cannot pee in those dresses and it’s a very long night.”

“It’s an open bar, and even though the drinks are free, everyone is careful how much liquids they consume. And forget about anyone eating.”

Ah, yes: the fashion diaper, the key to containing yourself in such lavish costumes.

This sounds like ridiculous fashion bosh but isn’t that far fetched. Considered Icon Undies, a brand that makes luxury “pee-proof” underwear. There is also incontinence lingerie in case you want to make said diapies less dorky.

Lastly, this has been long rumored before around such events and celebrities like Katy Perry have been not-so-subtle about the need for such attire. Perry explained of her Met Gala last year—

“I’m wearing a really large thing tomorrow, which will be very difficult to use the restroom in. I might just wear a diaper. I don’t really care. I am just going to be looking around for people to help me to the restroom,” she told reporters Sunday at a CoverGirl event, held at The Waterfall Mansion in New York City. “I’ll feel like one of those brides or something, but there’s a lot going on with the dress.”

The dress in question? A cascading custom Prada gown equipped with a Tamagotchi. She may have worn a diaper this year too considering she was a red Margiela cloud.

As they say, beauty is pain and fashion is ugly. Sometimes that means sitting in your filth all night for the sake of looks. Congrats, celebrities! They really are just like us: shitting themselves in style.

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