The New French Man Wears Editions M.R.

Are you trying desperately to assume the dress of a contemporary French man? If so, you’ve probably been smartly flocking to young Parisian brands like Ami but there’s something else you may want to add to the sartorial queue: consider Editions M.R..

Editions is the revamped Melinda Gloss, a brand that refined their name and point of view in late 2015 to closer reflect founders Mathieu de Ménonville and Rémi de Laquintane. The name comes from their first names and represents an approachable yet luxe way of dressing. It’s both timeless but 1970s while today. It is very straight man, leaning toward sun kissed breasts and whiskey, but has an appeal outside of its unabashed masculinity.

Bobby and I stumbled onto their Marais store while wandering Boulevard Beaumarchais and visiting various stores on the strip. Editions reached out with its kind white neon sign, stone, and bronze exterior inviting us in to peruse their wears. It was instantly impressive and, while many brands were chatting our ears off, Editions was the one that stuck with me as something to keep a finger on for the next few years.

It’s because they have something so kind about them. A kind style, a sophisticated understanding of men’s dressing, an ability to play with female forms and colors for not-females: that’s what was so lovely about them. They make clothing that is “for men” but isn’t masculine at all. It’s quite delicate and old fashioned but new. They could afford some further gender bending and queerness but, hey, that’s what shoppers like me are for: to interpret suggestions into an alternate reality of my own.

I love this brand and wanted to highlight a few looks that I would love to have for my own or be inspired from. I did pick up their lux terry cloth riffing Light Pink Riviera Knit Polo because I had to get something from them to take with me. I wish I could have gotten everything below but, alas, papa has bills to pay.

Green Lobster Sweatshirt
Nothing says cool early Summer evening like a lobster sweatshirt. It also comes in a light pink as well, which would look great on a lady with an ironic sensibility.

Printed Tahiti Shirt
Editions love their Tahiti shirts and they make me think that the wearer is some sort of expat wandering around Monaco or Cannes, ready to be thrown into a Bond era spy movie at any moment. Their Tahiti is a take on the currently trending camp collar shirt and it has a little more flair than most other incarnations, mostly as a result of their balancing the bold with the understated.

Jacquard Short
I almost swiped up these shorts with the shirt I purchased but their near $400 price tag was too much for me. They’re beautiful and are impressively made, the pattern and detailing of the flowers floating away like hair made of thread. They’re some of the most unique shorts currently on the market and are likely a rare bunch. You can also get the pattern in a suit jacket (or pants) too.

Abstract Mosaic Scarf
This scarf is very Steve McQueen and makes me want to jump in some fancy car and drive off a cliff but survive because I’m just so beautiful.

Navy Striped Tahiti Shirt
This is what I mean by their Tahiti shirts being so bold yet understated: it’s a simple striped shirt whose varying lines add an element of intrigue. The warbling gray to them is a nice, curious touch too.

Pink Riviera Crewneck
This is the sweater version of the polo I got. It is a delightful, summer ready light knit intended to be worn at the beach when the fire isn’t warm enough.

Green Mac Coat
The brand does this fabulous green on occasion and it is just a divine hyper trip. The fit of this coat is reminiscent of their hilarious and darling housecoat staple that suggests men are loungy creatures like The Big Lebowski but shouldn’t be a slob about it. That, people, is what fashion is all about: feeling lazy but looking dapper.

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