The New Style Network: M2M

In the absence of Style Network, a channel for fashionable programming has yet to reveal itself. Yes, Project Runway continues on Lifetime and Bravo has stylish shows but there is no place for good fashion shows…not that you know of, at least.

That’s why M2M is the new Style Network. It’s exactly what you think of when you dream of a network dedicated fashion on film: they show fashion documentaries, they give you access to unfiltered and current runway videos, and they also give a look at things that overlap with the fashion world like technology, visual arts, and dance. It’s a refreshing, smart, and cool take on fashion programming. There are no Top Model reruns nor are there any New Jersey based shows in which people with thick accents bicker: it’s all real fashion shit like Bill Cunningham New York and an intense look at the final shows of Alexander McQueen’s career. It’s as if The Cut launched a channel.

Another thing: it’s all free. Yes, it’s exclusively available on Apple TV—but if you are a fashion fan? It is worth the buy for this. A good portion of my weekends and Thanksgiving break has been dedicated to watching their programming and it’s all so good. Another fun thing that was discovered through M2M: watching runway shows. I always thought tuning in to watch video of shows was boring but M2M turns it into a spectator sport, for you to give live commentary on, to react to, to share what your thoughts are with friends. It makes everyone a critic in the best way possible. If you are a fan of fashion or not, you can get into the sport of runway rating.

M2M—which stands for “Made To Measure”—totes itself as “the new face of fashion storytelling” and it absolutely lives up to that name. Perhaps it’s IMG and WME’s cool cash or a great batch of fashion people behind it: I’m not quite sure yet. What is known is that you must check out M2M if you are a fan of fashion. It might be my pick for the app of the year.

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