The Only Makeup Tutorial

Do you want to become someone else? Then put on a new face.

Cake yourself. Put on some make up. Get ready with me. Become Your Own Uncanny Valley™ (BYOUV™). Be the beauty. Be the beast. Become Roxanne.

Who is that? She is the crease, the fold, between drag and YouTube, the veritable taint of internet aspiration. She is where the sidewalk ends. A pissy pearl of beauty.

And she has made the only makeup tutorial you need to watch, whether you care about this genre of video or not. Created by a dusty Jersey mom (or a drag queen hoping to take her image in a new direction), you too can learn how to put a new face on your aging, dying, broken, formerly-new face.

Don’t be a drag. Be fun. Be beautiful. Take a peek below to find out more with the best nine minutes of internet television you will watch this week.

RuPaul who?

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