The Only Planet

Global warming is scary, y’all. On top of all the other things we have to worry about—gun violence, minority injustice, police brutality, women’s rights, a Trump America, etc.—the one massive thing that looms above everything else is global warming.

It’s easy to ignore because the problem is so large, requiring the unraveling so many systems and ways of living, that it’s easy to push the problem to the tomorrow we don’t have. The issue seems minimal, somehow, as the giganticness of our problematic planet cannot speak for itself. Unless a situation like The Happening happens—which, judging from a rise in climate change related super allergens in addition to small pests and fungus, could be a reality—the planet isn’t able to articulate the stress it’s under.

Musician Molly Nilsson wants to speak for Earth and, through light synth-pop, she has been able to articulate a call to care with “The Only Planet.” The song seems like a metaphoric dedication to a love via cosmic caring but it is a poppy unpacking of global warming. In only one hundred one words, Nilsson laments how this planet is the only planet for her, how she wants this party of life to continue as it is instead of ending in some sort of cataclysmic disaster. “But if it’s all just happy endings,” she sings. “Then happiness must be the end.”

The song is pulled from last year’s Zenith and received a music video treatment this week, one that so simply addresses climate change via a desert landscape and faceless wanderers adoring a black circle that they are drawn in and out of. Watch the video below and, remember, we only get one shot at this planet. Let’s not fuck it up any more, okay?

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