The Opportunistic Scientist

Donald Trump has selected climate change denying, fracking supporting, big energy loving, EPA hating Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. This is bad news.

It’s bad news because he hates science but, funny enough, he loves science. He’s an opportunistic scientist, you could say.

Let’s look at the facts. On climate change, he believes there is room for a healthy debate and that this science is still to be “questioned.” The Environmental Defense Fund explains his scientific (“scientific”) views.

He claims, falsely, that the climate “debate is far from settled” and that “scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind.” A vast majority of scientists, of course, agree that climate change is happening, and that it’s due to human activities.

Clearly he is wrong and claiming anti-science science to justify this point of view.

Funny enough, Pruitt—Who has no background in science, save for political science.—uses anti-science science again to justify a similarly divisive point of view: to oppress transgender persons.

In May, Pruitt lashed out against bathroom guidelines. Why? Because it goes against science. He explains, to rebut Loretta Lynch’s anti-discrimination guidelines (underlined emphasis added by me)—

Further, you have forced this definition on parents, students, and communities because you have deemed unjustifiable any discomfort that they may express. Your determination thus elevates the status of transgender students over those who would define their sex based on biology and who would seek to have their definition honored in the most private of places. Indeed, those latter students and their families cannot even seek reassurance that a transgender student’s self-definition is not premised on whim or caprice because you have disavowed the school’s ability to seek any form of documentation regarding the transgender child’s self-definition.

Yes, there you have it: “science” to rebut science. Fake news battling news. Non-facts battling facts.

May the powers that be help us. Fight against these terrible people, people.

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