The Outrage Of Childlessness

What do people think of people who do not have kids?

They hate them, actually. A new study in Sex Roles via Science Of Us found that childlessness in adults is associated with skewed morals. Yes, people assume that childless people are morally outrageous.

The study worked by sharing a passage about a couple to readers, who in this case were students. Genders were occasionally swapped but the story was the same: a person from Ohio went to college, studied Biology, worked in pharmaceuticals, hated it, married their sweetheart, and they are happy and healthy now. The twist on the end was whether they had kids or not, a description that was popped on and off for some readers.

So what did people think? “Couples without kids were seen as less psychologically fulfilled,” Science Of Us reports. “And inspired greater moral outrage. Gender didn’t make a difference.”

There are a few reasons for this thinking (It’s a violation of nurturing nature, a result of no friends, etc.) but gets at how society views the childless: we think they’re sad.

Riddle me this. Why? Childlessness is up. We also live in a world where we face overpopulation, climate change, and the potential collapse of our government. No wonder everyone is getting a dog: the future doesn’t look bright and we’re not too keen on bringing more people in to experience this.

Children are great and, as they (Whitney.) say, they are our future. That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to have them or that people like us (Me.) are bad with children or bad surrogate parents. Perhaps morals will change as queerness rises and other socio-political ills creep into mind, enabling that Idiocracy future. Or maybe—Just maybe.—they’ll send all of us non-child owning, morally corrupt shits to a remote desert area to isolate us, our dogs, and way of thinking.

Actually, that sounds quite nice. I think it’s called Palm Springs.

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