The Painted Dog Bags Of Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen. Fashion model. Murphy Brown. Book clubber. Woman who paints dogs on bags.

Yes, the actress is obsessed with painting, specifically dogs, on luxury bags by designers like Goyard and Louis Vuitton. She works under the moniker “Bergenbags” and started this lifestyle within a lifestyle brand as a means to express herself and her love of creative wandering.

The artist explains.

My daughter asked me to decorate her Louis Vuitton duffle. She posted my design on her Instagram and the photo generated a fair amount of positive comment. Since then, friends and colleagues send me their favorite bags and I personalize them with my drawings.

Bergen adds that she is “not a painter.” She has always doodled and, at seventy, she’s getting into the fun by painting somewhat absurdist, borderline bad, entirely adorable pups along with monograms and sometimes salads onto purses. She does her work in East Hampton and puts on “golden oldies…and work[s] happily.”

I know this sounds ridiculous but it is true. Look at her Instagram, which features minor press activities but mostly her bags.

Bergenbags…the Labrador Period

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Hot off the presses @ Bergenbags

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Uncanny, no?

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One of the last of the line. 2017. Bergenbags. We never sleep.

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I am in love. All the designs she adds are custom and, while I would fucking love one, I know that this is well out of my price range. I don’t have any luxury bags to begin with and something tells me that is reason enough to assume that affording a very successful actress to paint my pouch would be a no-go. I could be wrong though.

The entire outfit of “Bergenbags” is so lovingly ridiculous, like something I imagined after drinking too much and then going to sleep as Netflix played Miss Congeniality. I love it. I love the fun she is having and how bad-good they are. It’s the type of lightness we all need in our lives, moments of joy that are done just to keep us joyous.

In terms of hopes for her brand, she has simple ones. This was revealed in an interview with Town & Country regarding her subjects.

I’ve done everything from a hamster to a Clydesdale, so there’s great breadth in what I do. I’ve done a galaxy, and you can request ideas and names, and to me, the weirder the better, because everybody has the same little white fluffy dog and I’ve done like 40 of them. It gets really boring. But then they come up with some sort of weird animal, or some sort of odd thing, and then it makes it fun again. I’d love to do a fish, for example.

A fish. A fish! I love you, Candice. I love you, Bergenbags.

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