The Spice Girls Are Not Here For Black Face

Black face is bad. The fact that we as a culture and world still have to discuss why something like black face is wrong is very frustrating and sad. Regardless of if you are a fashion magazine or a holiday character, black face is bad. Don’t do it.

The Spice Girls agree because, well, the Spice Girls are woke. They have been for twenty years! In the late nineties, the real fab five appeared on a no-name European cable show where a string of folk characters in black face—Black Peter—were paraded out for laughs. The Girls protested before they came out and, while they were out, Scary “Mel B” Spice lead a vocal disagreement.

“I think they shouldn’t paint their faces,” she explained. “You should get proper black people to do this…I don’t think that’s very good.”

While the host urges that this is their (white) culture, Mel responds that real culture is proper black people, proclaiming that “it’s the nineties” and that things like this are taboo. If only she knew that, two decades later, shit would still be the same. Watch the clip below and, as if I have to remind you: girl power.

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