The Strange World Of Matt LeBlanc’s Bulge

Tumblr, you wild child, you: what have you gifted us today? Matt LeBlanc’s bulge, you say? OK, sure. Why not?

In the single serving Tumblr Matt’s LeBulge, we get exactly that: a penile infatuation literally zoomed in – or from – a very specific celebrity crush. Since 2012, this Tumblr has meditated on the body of the Friends actor, fawning after him and putting him on display in a very distinct way: it presents a photo of LeBlanc on television or in public and, as if we didn’t notice or as if it were spectacular, we are given a highlighted part of his privates before revealing his junk as an isolated, cropped image. It is a dedicated, bizarre, lovely form of male objectification of an always “attractive” B list actor.

The thing about this Tumblr is that none of the bulges are really of note. The LeBulge is no Hammaconda nor is the junk so apparent that people get wet: the LeBulge is not special. Instead, we get a common dick-focus of a common actor with-dick. It’s absurdist ogling through and through.

And? It’s a reminder that the Internet is fucking insane, that penises make people do strange shit, and that Matt LeBlanc is still alive and doing things, of note for various reasons but mostly because Rule 34.

(And, for those curious, the motivation behind the site has been made known from the beginning: it’s all sexualized fun. What’s not to like about that, especially when doled out so strangely?)


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