The Strangest Trixie Mattel Interview

Trixie Mattel, Drag Race alum and overall effervescent performer. What would she be like in conversation with Larry King?

Let me tell you: it’s weird. Mattel recently appeared on King’s digital imprint Larry Now to talk about her life, her work, and her future. It might sound like an odd pairing but King has long been known for his speaking with the best of the best, being an almost blank slate talking machine to extract the real people from the maw of celebrity.

Yet, Mattel and King have a strange vibe perhaps rooted in the drag queen already being so real – or a canyon of meaning between them, ideological and cultural ships passing in the bright daylight. Or maybe Mattel was having an off day or unease with the old hunch since she stumbles over herself, thrown off by King’s surprising savvy. Or, as it happens in most real world situations, some people just don’t have chemistry. Take the rapid fire question round below for proof.

What this all points to is perhaps the weirdest Trixie Mattel interview ever placed online. Yes, there are probably many other conversations that are traditionally “weird” but what should be an elevated, easy conversation is awkward and stilted, like a child having to explain and explain themselves to a skeptical adult. I don’t know if I want less or more of this but I do know that King shouldn’t replace Katya as Trixie’s partner in crime.

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