The Surprising Thing In Gillian Flynn’s Purse

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Gillian Flynn.

The journalist turned bestselling author is known for her thrills and surprises and, as suspected, she is a pretty wowing person herself. She’s been doing a lot of press to promote HBO’s adaptation of her book Sharp Objects and the one interview (“interview”) with her that has stuck with me the most is her New York magazine sharing of the eight things she can’t live without.

It’s typical fare – a lipstick, a smart shoe, a medicinal something – but there’s a funny storyline about her love of Cherry Coke Zero, which she drinks out of a heavily insulated Yeti tumbler. This gets called back at a later point where she mentions a surprising, inspiring, amazing thing in her purse: metal straws.

“I’ve given up plastic straws,” she explains. “They are ruinous for the environment, so I always carry metal straws in my purse. For the Yeti. And the Cherry Coke Zero.”

See? Even someone as successful as Flynn has an eye on the environment – and that might be one of the best twists in her narrative. $6 on Amazon and you too can save the world like Gillian Flynn (and I) (but I don’t carry them in my purse – but should).

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