The Tao Of Freckle

Are you familiar with Freckle? If you aren’t, you should be.

Freckle is a character on the queer web series The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, a fabulous and filthy show featuring Freckle (played by Jason Greene) as the gender fluid, highly sexual, lusciously lush, feigning fancy comic relief. They are a gem.

The character is full of many, many, many witticisms but is most well known for a brilliant back-and-forth with the show’s frustratingly gorgeous Brian Jordan Alvarez in episode four. The bit goes like this –

“Sometimes,” Freckle says. “Things that are expensive…are worse.”

Has there ever been a line of dialogue more truth than this? I’m sure there has been but this line is so painfully true and representative of the secret of success: paying more for things that are markedly frustrating. Such is life.

Anyway, Freckle’s line has become a calling card of sorts, evolving into a super queer meme that is raking it up on Tumblr, building to a crossover that the straights will steal. You’ve probably seen the meme in passing and I wanted to dedicate some airspace to Freckle and their brilliantly remixed philosophy, that “Sometimes X that are X are worse.”

Yes, just ask the fidget spinner and YouTube celebrities and the upcoming TRL reboot.

Louder, for the people in the back: take a note.

This, really, is the secret of being an adult. It’s coupled well with the twist of “I want to go out to eat (but you have food at home).” playing of yourself.

Sorry, Aaliyah. Sorry, Anne Rice.

A little bit of Overwatch crossover for you.

A meme? In front of my meme? Perfect.

Another deep truth! This one cut very, very deep and felt like a fucking salty horoscope that knows what I need to be doing before I actually do it.

Ahem. Yes. Boys, men, cisgender: yes, this is a big truth.

Put this on my mother fucking tombstone, fam.

2017, in summary.

As if that last one couldn’t get any more real.

And, finally, a truth for you all.

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