The Ten Best Types Of Videos To Watch While High

I get high a lot and I watch a lot of videos while high so here are ten types of videos to watch while high to help take you to the next level of your highness.

These are in no particular order.

1. Vine Compilations
Six seconds of typically random stuff played on loop. Open your third eye and imagine the possibilities of the past.

2. Videos Within The Genre Of “Satisfying”
Calm yourself. Look at these soothing, satisfying things. Imagine making these things yourself. Who are you right now?

3. Dominoes
Dominoes fall down in an order that doesn’t deviate and it’s stressful and dynamic but mundane and boring and, ultimately, quite boring. Boring is safe. Boring is rich. Boring is exciting.

4. Cake Decorating
Cake to eat with your eyes by weird designs and weird tools and things that you didn’t know were used to make cakes look like the cakes that we eat every day.

5. How It’s Made
This and that. How is it made? These videos explain in detail but, sometimes, they don’t go as far as you would like and that may make you mad.

6. Parrots
Parrots are birds that can talk.

7. Super Mario Maker
Watch Mario compete in levels made by people. Will he win? Will he lose? Watch out, Mario. Do not die! You have more lives. (You will be okay.)

8. Rare & Weird Looking Animals
Have you heard of rare animal? Have you seen weird animal? Animal could die soon. Animal is rare. Look at animal now. Observe animal to enjoy animal. Learn animal, learn life.

9. Process Videos
Not how it’s made: how it is created. Art is a process. Art is a life.

10. Dr. Steve Brule (Or At Home With Amy Sedaris)
Alternative realities that investigate the whos, the whats, and the wheres. Process videos crafted for the high eyes and ears. “Super high me,” I whisper to you.

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