The Three Most Important Dog Instagrams To Me, Right Now

Dogs are my shit. Dogs on Instagram? They are also my shit. There are many accounts to follow for dogs and I am constantly adding and subtracting dogs that I dig on that format. Here are the top three dog related Instagrams that I am all about right now. Follow them for dog okay thanks.

3. @thedogist
The most essential of dog Instagrams, this account will probably be always be number three. Is it new? No. Is it anything else than dog portraits? No. Is that a bad thing? No. This is the Coca Cola of dog Instagrams and if you are not following it you are not a committed lover of dogs.

2. @punksgitcut
This is the Instagram of artist Jay Howell, a really rad dude who made the concept art for Bob’s Burgers and basically made everything about the show Sanjay & Craig. I interviewed him recently for Four&Sons after following his account for months, drooling over his dog art and weirdo little pup Street Dog. Isn’t that the best dog name? I love him and I love his dog.

1. @thebarkhaus
Barkhaus is a Miami based dog watching and training facility. This account is fucking bonkers. They have dogs so whipped there that you can literally stack dogs on dogs on dogs and take a photo. They took a photo of a dog stuck in food. They line up dogs and all of them look at the camera. They have dogs lay in the ocean and they do not flinch. I do not understand their dog magic but I will praise them until my eyes dissolve in dog adoration that they caused me. Bless Barkhaus.

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