The Toxically Wonderful World Of MAN PRODUCTS

Gendered products are stupid.

For the unfamiliar, gendered products are goods that are packaged or advertised for men or women for no other reason than gender (a la, men and women) are a concept to be exploited and taken advantage of by marketers. The thought behind gendering is ridiculous and surprisingly problematic as women always lose as a result of higher prices and lower quality goods on “women” things. Gendered products also have lasting developmental impacts on children as they exaggerate what gender is and should be.

In short, making things “for” men or women are bad. They just reenforce stereotypes and feed the future with muck from the past.

Thankfully, the backlash to gendering is here and stores like Target are opting for neutrality. This is a good thing. Equally as good are the many lampoons of these products thus illustrating how stupid this tactic is and that fragile masculinity is likely the culprit here.

Another LOL item to bookmark in taking down gender: the Twitter account @man_products. It’s absolutely tickling: the account captures the absurdity of male advertising by inserting various dude buzzwords to imagine whatever new shit stuff for men.

The Twitter is a bot created by Nora Reed that spits out bonkers made-up products at random. It takes the notion of man things—Camo, muscles, buttholes, etc.—and folds them into traditionally feminine products like juice and yogurt. The result is a manic, insane trampling of the gendered market. It is as ridiculous as the notion that we create stuff to reflect the “difference” between the sexes.

What’s funny about @man_products is that this bot spurts out things so ridiculous that they reach plausibility. From “Cigar Yogurt” to “Juice For Men! Now In Camo!,” you could easily see these items hitting the market yesterday. It’s the Rule 34 logic applied to sexist goods.

The Twitter is an absolute hoot and offers tickles throughout your day of hyperbolized shit for men. Love men or hate them, you’ll probably enjoy @man_products. Give them a follow here and find some of my favorite Tweets from the account below.

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