These Are Great Sweaters

This is a great sweater. It is a fancy ass cashmere sweater, an ecru base that has been scribbled over and dip-dyed with a bright cobalt. There is both no intention and every intention in its crafting. It looks trim and warm and preppy and hippy. It is a great sweater.

And there are more than just that one sweater, too. There is a violet version. There is a crimson version. There is a bewitching cyan and magenta one, one that looks like two ink cartridges exploded on someone who was just trying to fix the printer. They all look like delightful mistakes of colored smoke imprinted onto a sweater. Each sweater is also a unique item too as the dye process is different for every one.

The Elder Statesman Dyed Regular Sweater Greg Chait 1234KYLE5678 1

These are just great sweaters. Their price is not great (They cost over a thousand dollars.) but the sweaters are great. I have an old A.P.C. sweater that I accidentally ink stained and I ended up doing a splatter tie-dye session with: it’s my favorite sweater. I don’t think it’s as luxurious as these babies but it is generally the same idea. The sweaters are also Los Angeles spun and are the perfect Rich Beach Bitch post-surf sweater. Or it’s perfect for me.

Maybe I will save pennies in a jar in my kitchen to fund purchasing a Dyed Regular Sweater. Maybe I will just dye another sweater I own to match these Dyed Regular Sweaters. Maybe I will have a rash of mania where I will walk from my apartment in a tank top and shorts through West Hollywood to The Elder Statesman store, where I will slip these sweaters onto my body, smile deliriously, and hand my debit card to whoever will take it so I can walk out of the store, in tears, thrilled and maddened and disgusted and thrilled with myself. I just hope it isn’t too warm.

Things to think about. These are great sweaters.

The Elder Statesman Dyed Regular Sweater Greg Chait 1234KYLE5678 3

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