Things That Are 19 Inches, Like This Man’s Penis (UPDATED)

Allegedly a man in Mexico has a nineteen inch dick. Allegedly. The guys has been making headlines because his giant pee pee is causing him pain—and he wants to downsize the thing.

This is great news for all people like me who believe that seeing is believing. This cock is well over a foot long and it is reportedly almost a foot around: show me the pictures. I want to see that dick. That’s basically a small dog! I don’t believe it.

Since I can’t see that dong, I want to know what else is nineteen inches, for a frame of reference. I can’t quite get a visual—so what else is hung down to nineteen inches? How much beef we are talking about? Here are a few things that I found that are nineteen inches. They should help us all see his schlong.

• A Dell Inspiron i3043 All-in-One Desktop
• A Crosswind All Season Tire
• A stuffed cheetah toy made by FAO Schwarz
• Two sheets of printer paper, placed next to each other vertically, with penises drawn on them.
• A stylish, layered hairstyles
An ornamental metallic globe
• A brass woodbasket your parents may have next to their fireplace
• The width of standard computer racks
• The height of this very ridged suitcase
• A Boy Scout Christmas stocking
• A used dressage saddle for your horse…
• …which, funny enough, is nearly the size of the sheath that holds the horse penis
• This real life Popeye’s forearms
• A butt plug with a fox tail attached to it
• A Where The Wild Things Are backpack
• Nearly the average length of a newborn baby
• This mega shoehorn
• Toshiba 19L4200U 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV
• “little leggies
• Quiksilver Everyday Kaimana Boardshorts
• An Elongated Molded Wood Toilet Seat
• A dildo worth $2.5 million dollars

UPDATE: Or, according to Gawker, 19 inches of panty hose filled with a giant dildo. Giant penises are a lie.

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