This Is A Very Important Election Related Tweet

We’re in peak “share” zone for election related content.

There’s a lot of good going around too: that great political cartoon about Hillary and Donald, The Simpsons‘ great forecasting of if Donald wins, Hillary and Barack being lampooned, and so much more. While that Tumblr post illustrating how minority groups view Donald’s versus Hillary seems to be at the top of the list of content that puts this election into perspective, I have something else for you: the below Tweet.

From Angeleno Terrence Newman, the Tweet seems to go above and beyond what the “Donald Or Hillary?” Tumblr post alludes to: if you are a minority in America, you don’t have a choice but to vote against Donald. Why? Because entertaining things like third parties or write-in politicians is to lap in the pool of privilege, unscathed, because—Um.—ultimately you will come out of this unaffected. But for us minority groups? We don’t have that luxury. We have to take real action because a percentage margin going to fringe candidates means the loss of votes for major candidates meaning we’re all closer to being placed in boxes that our future leaders and government are ready to dispose of. Hate hearing about police brutality and ridiculous bathroom bills? Get ready for more of the same, you guys.

Of all the things out there attempting to catch the debate of voting or not this election cycle, Newman’s Tweet says it all: think of how cute it is for you to vote “alt” this election as rights are restricted in 2017. Relish that. You did it, friends.

Want some further reading on this? ATTN: did a great story on voting and privilege.

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