This Is The Coat

This is the coat. This is the coat I’ve been looking for. Have you seen this coat? It is a coat I should be wearing right now.

It’s made by Gosha Rubchinskiy. Do you know him? He’s a cool new streetwear dude from Russia. This coat is his “patchwork fleece coat” and it is a quilt of coat materials. It is part wool fleece and part faux-lamb shearling. It is the ugly beautiful byproduct of a few critters and a coat being put into the machine from The Fly at the same time.

Gosha Rubchinskiy patchwork fleece coat farfetch clothing menswear 1234KYLE5678 winter coat 2

Can I have this coat? It is almost a thousand dollars. It is an extreme variation of texture tension and is a joke of pattern play. It is masculine in construction but feminine in feel. “Did you cut up your coat and sew it back together?” someone (Perhaps a parent.) would ask you when you wear this. You would smile and nod and not answer and just think about how much of a rich fucking cool bitch you are. They will squint and shake their heads thinking, “He is just so unusual.”

This is the coat. This is the 2015 answer to a Winter coat. It is cool and weird and off but on and in and out. It is the crazy cat lady version of a high fashion dude fur coat. It is so ugly-beautiful and beautiful-ugly that I want to put my weight and the weight of three other men onto it, to smother it to death. I want to know what animal it came from. I want to kill that animal and wear it. This is my coat. This is something that I’ve dreamed of and never imagined that it would be real. This is the coat.

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