Three Songs For The Weekend

Y’all: Friday is upon us and we need to get our freakin fucking weekend on. You also need some things to listen to so, here, enjoy these three new tracks that came out today and should sustain you all weekend long.

Pantha Du Prince “The Winter Hymn”
It’s been six year’s since Pantha released his somewhat classic Black Noise record, which was his last solo release, and he finally has some new music coming. The first taste of this is his song “The Winter Hymn” featuring vocals by Dial artist Queens. The song is a twinkly, ghost vocalled something that feels like someone left out “Stick To My Side” or even “Lay In A Shimmer” in a diamond filled cave since 2010 and, while it got moldy and somewhat haunted, it also got remarkably beautiful. There is a lot of slight stops and start to the song and there is an overall vibe of space-ambient spiritualism. So, if you have the time and the drugs, get really high and listen to this song on repeat this evening as you hold a seance for yourself. His EP of the same title is out today, too.

Seth Bogart‘s “Forgotten Fantazy”
This year feels like the year that artist and punk-ish musician Seth Bogart finally gets his due. His self-titled album is out today as is the music video for the song “Forgotten Fantazy” which has Seth putting himself in bondage and being all adorable and wonderful as his Queer Ken always is. The song is about being the boy on the side presented in an adorable yet sexy electroclash way that somehow ends up in between rock club and dance club, which sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday night. That’s the thing about Bogart’s work: it bizarrely works because of his generally gentle-yet-gruff aesthetic. Nothing is perfect but, in it’s own lo-fi way, it is.

Tim Hecker‘s “Castrati Stack”
Perhaps the densest but also loveliest of the gang is the long awaited return of the noise-ambient master Tim Hecker. The first preview of his upcoming Love Streams is the above song which shows off his collaboration with the Icelandic Choir Ensemble and Johann Johannsson. Yes, it is more white gloom and death drones but, like all of his music, it has an overwhelming lovliness to it. His work is often fused with emotion but it rarely feels emotional—and “Castrati Stack” is exactly that. It bounces between wailing, off-key vocal cascades and sustained low, downer keys that are intermixed with surprisingly fluorescent synthetic sound manipulations. As if it would be any other way, Hecker has created something so wonderfully in between heaven and hell, which is perfect hangover listening as you die and cry all day Sunday. His new album is out April 8th.

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