Tinashe Was On Two and a Half Men

Tinashe—acclaimed R&B indie darling and Dev Hynes collaborator—is quite a thing right now. But, is there something more to the LA artist? Like, was she once a part of television show your mom watched? Yes, she was actually.

The singer was a recurring character on CBS’ long running sitcom Two And A Half Men. In 2008 and 2009 a then fifteen Tinashe played the character of Celeste Burnett, a cutesy love interest of the half man, Angus T. Jones. Tinashe was then a super clean cut USA teen ready to be adopted by American Eagle with father played by Michael Clarke Duncan. (RIP, dude.) Her storyline on Two And A Half Men was about her family being new to the hood and Charlie Sheen’s character being taken by Tinashe’s dad as he is a former NFL star. Tinashe hooks up with The Half Man for a few episodes and then she gets dumped for another woman of color. Remember: this was in post-race America in 2009.

This is all super remarkable because it shows how good a job Tinashe and her people did when creating a revised history of edginess for her debut work with Hynes. Like Drake before her and Jenny Lewis before him being thrown through the Urban Outfitters cool machine, Tinashe’s success is thanks to a long history of being in the biz and trying to find where you fit with audience’s taste(s). Thankfully, we as consumers are quick to forget and eager to bite new things—and she very easily hit us at a good time, transforming from cutesy Tinashe Kachingwe to the buzzy alt-R&B mononym Tinashe. This may seem like a blasé thing but booking a network gig like Two And A Half Men is a huge deal. That takes some serious work and is as apple pie as it gets when it comes to entertainment jobs.

Next up in this machine of rewrites: Kehlani, formerly Kehlani Parrish, formerly America’s Got Talent finalist. Don’t change, Hollywood.

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