To Be A Kylie Jenner Super Fan

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity known for being herself. Johnny Cyrus is a Kylie Jenner super fan known loving Kylie for being Kylie. Both are absurd.

Cyrus is an online personality who is known for, well, liking Kylie Jenner a lot. He has over a hundred thousand Instagram followers and a similarly bloated Twitter account. Again: this is only because he loves Kylie Jenner, has tattoos of Kylie Jenner, owns a lot of Kylie Jenner products, and has met Kylie Jenner a handful of times and considers her “a friend.”

This, friends, is 2017. This is the state of the nation. If it’s not our reality television president making us question if we’re really alive, it’s children who pine for other children who have been on bigger screens than theirs. Yes, this is a hashtag old observation but it’s also not entirely inaccurate: it’s a ridiculous state of being that will only exaggerate itself in the best and worst ways possible. It’s exactly why the Cash Me Ousside girl got a tour (that is now postponed) but it’s these mini-minutes of fame that lead to lifetimes of doing not-that-much in our faces.

Cyrus has a similar story but differs in that he is a symbiotic baby of a monster who is riding the threads of a Vetements Thrasher hoodie that Kylie Jenner is dragging behind her. This is very apparent in his masterpiece of his not doing, a thirteen minute documentary about his life from Super Deluxe. It is fascinating, it is sad, it is thrilling, it is boring: it is content today, where a celebrity keeps another person alive via swag. This is 2017.

What is interesting about Cyrus is that he is a normal, everyday, Midwestern gay who works his nursing home job and lives his fanboi life but has, strangely, been thrust into an adjacent fame situation as a result of cameras on phones and Internet connectivity: his story is anything but new. It’s just an evolution of a type.

If you want to fire watch with me, watch the below video. You will and you won’t regret it.

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