To Bert, With Love

Betram – or “Bert” – The Pom I want to tell you something: I love you.

You chocolate Pomeranian, you art dog, you rescued sweetums: I love you.

An Instagram celebrity, he is, and a recent five year old. I love him. He, like me, is a Taurus. I love him almost as much as I love myself.

He looks fluffy. He looks like chocolate cotton candy. Sometimes his pinky pee pee pokes out from his fluff and I think he is dirty (In a good way.) and that makes me laugh. I love you, Bert.

Have you heard him bark? It’s like a muffled song. It is gorgeous, velvety, a rough smoothness I want to eat. I love his bark.

I love the way his tongue curls, I love that he is difficult to notice, I love that he wears shirts. I love Bert.

He’s often with art. I love that. I love art. I love dogs. Bert is at the perfect intersection between the two subjects.

Bert is also bigger than he looks. I know this because I met him once, briefly, but didn’t pet him. I just got close enough to watch him. I took a photo with him in the background. I was most captured with him than all the art there.

He is the only dog I follow on Instagram. If I were to stalk any celebrity, it would be him. I would dog sit for him. I would clean up his waste. I would kiss his nose. I love that Bert The Pom. He is a very special Insta baby and, in my opinion, is the only one.

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