To Carry A Puppy Purse

As if on cue, on the heels of a little prediction that dogs are the dopest fashion item, there comes a story detailing what it’s like to carry around the latest in canine cool: Thom Browne’s puppy purse.

The story comes from The Cut‘s resident fashion high priestess—Cathy Horyn—who had the privilege of taking the purse on a loaner press trip. She explained that the dog purse’s name is Hector, named after Browne’s own dachshund pup, and that the purse was made in the image of. Surprisingly, there were some incredible reactions to the dog—and they were more than mixed: everyone who encountered the dog glowed. It was as if the dog evolved from a wannabe-dog to a legit, real dog.

Funny enough, this fake dog caused almost as trouble as a real dog—just in a different way. This isn’t necessarily bad, as she explains.

Almost nothing went as I’d expected. For one thing, taking Hector places required coordination — mainly of my look. After his first big show — Maison Margiela at the Grand Palais — he apparently went viral, so as his handler I had to pay closer attention than usual to my outfit, hair, and sunglasses. Also, Hector produced such an array of reactions, from joy and amusement to mild horror, that I found myself laughing like an idiot. Actually, someone on Twitter said I looked like I’d never had my picture taken, and that was pretty much true.

The most fascinating part of this story is the general power of puppies, that they—real or not—can draw people to you so they can pet and squeeze and hold your little fur ball. Dogs bring people together. Yes, we’re at peak fashion dog but maybe there is something more to this. Maybe dogs in fashion are more of an expression of a unifying happiness, the sort of cultural currency that is relatable to every class and every country. To that effect, Horn isn’t even French but this (fake) dog of hers kept drawing men and children to her and some women to her (although she theorizes women weren’t as into Hector because they wanted a Hector).

As if my tiny barks on the subject weren’t enough, take it from one of the most respected voices in fashion: dogs will continue being trendy—and there is a real power to them being turned into accessories. Maybe dogs will bring world peace? My fingers are crossed.

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