Top Three Ladies Of The Week

These ladies all seemed to have a great week and I think you should take a moment to appreciate them. They are great. What great ladies this week!

Amy Schumer
I mean, I am willing to put Amy Schumer on every “best ladies” list because she is a best lady. This week she took a giant jab at teen boy culture by way of One Direction, stabbing their “you don’t know you’re beautiful mentality” to get to the heart of what they mean: they want “you,” but not actually. Never trust a man, ladies.

The Above Baltimore Protestor
This woman really captured everything about the current political climate in terms of race in America. She fucking rules. “My question to you,” she says to an MSNBC reporter, continuing on to ask, “Why does it take a catastrophe like this in order for America to hear our cry?” She is brilliant. Please heed her call to action, America.

Hillary Clinton
I don’t know how many people have seen the above speech but Hillary Clinton was the only politician to confront the issues that America is having right now, from police brutality to the prison system to the underlying race problem we desperately need to fix. This is entirely worth the thirty minutes of talking she does: you must listen. She must be our next president.

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