Tracey Tanner’s Psychedelic Activity Bags

Since last year year, my stock of Activity Bags has increased pleasantly. I have four, all of which are different colors and different sizes. It’s a perfect potpourri of purses.

But they are not enough. The hashtag American in me wants more and, unfortunately, that pressing desire is rumbling around thanks to my internal hype machine. SHRUG. Thankfully, I’m finding some alternative, affordable solutions to craving a Comme des Garçons Activity Bag: Tracey Tanner’s pouches.

Found from Fab, Tanner’s bags land delightfully in between cosmic, psychedelic wonder and iridescent foil bag magic. They’re quite attractive! They remind me of late last Summer’s “It” Activity Bag—J.Crew’s Hologram Clutch, which has been reborn—but without the pricey price tag: the bags are under a hundred dollars, ranging from eightysomething to fiftysomething, depending on the bag in question. They also don’t settle with one idea of shiny or shimmer but diversify into the painterly, textured, and colorful. Tanner clearly isn’t content with doing just one thing.

The bags are a delightful little homegrown operation from Brooklyn. Tanner also has some legit design skills given her history at Pratt and design dream school Central St Martins. Atop of this, Tanner interned for Jeremy Scott: no wonder her work is so fun and functional, ridiculous and not. I’m very excited to watch this designer grow and evolve and make more. Peruse her looks here and get ready for these to be everywhere soon.

Tracey Tanner Houston Large Leather Pouches Activity Bag 1234kyle5678 2

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