Trans Persons React To Caitlyn Jenner

While Caitlyn Jenner has been defining the conversation about what (and who) trans persons are, it feels like much of the voices speaking about her are forgetting the community she is coming from. So, what do they think of her? There didn’t seem to be answers but now, even if small, Cut Video has offered a taste of what the trans community think of her.

With a group of various transgender and gender non-conforming persons, the producers present them with one word to react to: Caitlyn Jenner. They had to give a one word response and explanation and, contrary to the expectation of constant praise or constant hate, she has inspired a mixed bag of thoughts. Some called her “privileged” while others call her a “trendsetter.” There were some super fascinating (and necessary) responses too, like “white” and “ewww” and “rich” and “Republican.” Like any celebrity (which she is also called), there is no clear reaction. She is divisive.

Yet, many acknowledge that she is indeed helping. Since she has come out, many others have and the experience of the transgender individual is certainly out in the open. Caitlyn has absolutely gotten a lot of help in her transition and she 100000% is in a position to succeed in her transition, without any scrutiny or anyone trying to harm or challenge her. While I am always trusting and a positivist in this regards, I am confident that she is helping out. See: I Am Cait. No one can ever please anyone. If that were the case, this world would be a lot more peaceful and accepting.

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