Try Mixing Your Scents

I love scents. Have you seen my nose? It’s big and why I travel through the world nose first.

A side-effect of a nasal leaning life is that I love fragrances and am a hoarder of colognes. I may not have a cult obsession with them but I’m all about trying new, strange scents and experimenting with how to wear them.

This obsession recently ended up in my work as I was able to write a guide on picking the perfect fragrance. I spoke with Steven Gontarski, an artist and scent expert who works at the magnificent Scent Bar in Los Angeles. He had some fantastic advice to share but one item didn’t make it into the story: try mixing your scents.

Yes, this may seem counterintuitive but Gontarski noted that this is a fun way to play with and add a depth to a scent — and can yield truly unique combinations. “It’s trial and error,” he told me. “If you like the results, go with it.”

He noted that he had been mixing the fiery Bois D’Ascese with others very recently, loving the results. “I’ve neen spraying Dior Fahrenheit once and then smelling this smoke on top of it,” he said. “It’s so unique. It smells amazing.”

This is a new thing for him too. “I used to never mix but, in the past year or two, if I’m kind of in the mood for both of these…I wear them at the same time,” he said. “Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Take it from the expert: if you like two scents or want to get weird, give it a try. It might fall flat, sure, but you might also land upon a truly magical combination that no one will be able to produce.

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