Try To Clap With Your iPhone

Any lover of or student of postmodernism and minimalist music is likely familiar with the work of Steve Reich. The American artist is an accomplished, interesting guy who has done things like create music out of claps. Funny enough, this now iconic work of his is actually something perfect for playing with. Literally: it’s now an iPhone game.

The game is basically a translation of the performance of Clapping Music cross pollinated with something like Dance Dance Revolution. Your goal in the game is to be as accurate as possible, to match the claps and beats when they are supposed to be played. It sounds so easy but is incredibly hard because you have to be independently rhythmic, working against similar sounds to stand as your own.

The plus is that you are just repeating and repeating and repeating the same things over again. The rhythms are simplistic but, like rubbing your stomach and tapping on your head, it sounds much easier than it actually is to pull off. Since Clapping Music is composed of one clap against another, it’s you and the very distracting music. You are prompted on what to press but it is greatly difficult to separate your hearing and rhythmic sense from what you are hearing. I started and started and started this game several times, only to fail and fail and fail. It is a lot harder than it looks. Start with easy and go from there.

One strange but wonderful perk of this game is, if you play it well enough, you could be flown to London to perform the piece. How wonderful would that be? The thought of playing this live is fucking horrifying but it could be this freeing experience, releasing yourself to postmodern chaos. The game is free, too. I highly suggest this and know that I will be playing and replaying it again and again. Download the game here.


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