U.S. Girls’ “Damn That Valley”

U.S. Girls is the experimental pop outfit for Meg Remy, a US born and Toronto based artist. As she (or someone) describes on her Facebook, “her narrative use of an ‘everywoman’ perspective in her lyrics forms something of a feminine counterpoint to Bruce Springsteen’s work.” This, paired with her bodega pop sound, is most definitely the appeal in her new track “Damn That Valley.”

The song is like a bizarre fight against the Bush administration and America ten years too late. Along with the video of her trying to beat up monuments in DC, the song has her demanding her baby (man) back, presumably from the grasp of government and war. Or maybe this person (or thing) just left her and the United States is a great foil for her personal struggle. The sound of the song is a mixture of faraway car alarm, anglicized Jamaican beats, hipster drum machine practice, and Remy’s bizarre yet irresistible cabaret rattle. It’s like a future tormented Carol Channing song performed at Mos Eisley Cantina. It shouldn’t work but it does.

Admittedly, I know nothing else about Remy’s canon outside of this song—but I most definitely am going to dig into this musical performance artist type. She sounds like a rad chick, obviously. You can catch the song below.

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