Vagina In The Courtroom

It didn’t happen often but, occasionally, a teacher would have to say a slightly taboo word like “penis” or “vagina” or simply “sex” and everyone in the classroom would break into snickers. Anytime either of my parents would say “penis” or “vagina,” I felt like someone had inhabited their bodies to speak dirty talk and repeat words that I looked up in the dictionary in private, therefore making them real. I once heard a priest say the word “penis” and the oxygen from my entire body sucked itself out, flying into the clouds in tears of laughter.

Can you imagine hearing someone repeat dirty words over and over and over again in a serious setting like a courtroom outside of the context of anything super serious? This is not in relationship to an icebreaking joke and more in regards to someone who may be so technically used to the word that they just don’t care to say something like vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina, and vagina-vagina while wearing a suit and maybe passing for your great aunt who lives in New England.

That is what is happening below. I don’t know anything about this video but it was circulating through Reddit yesterday and has been looping in the background of my browser all day. “Vageyena…vajayjay…the little vagina…vagina word…snooki!”: you name it, this courtroom lady is going to say it. It’s a packed thirty second supercut of lots and lots of courtroom vagina.

If you know where this came from, please tell me. If she isn’t a whacky doctor obsessed with female anatomy or actually a middle school boy dressed up like a mom and posing as a lawyer, then don’t tell me. She has such an incredible joy to the way she says vagina. We should all have that joy. We all need to talk about sex parts with as much happiness and passion and variety as this woman.

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