Voting Via Drum Machine

Is there a way to make voting more exciting? And could voting ever be managed by technology?

These are big topics to think about, things that require some attention and that probably make Donald Trump very stressed out. A potential answer based in nonsensical voter fun is Video Voto Matic, a musical art project by Mike Richison that imagines voter booths as drum machines.

Using a vintage voting machine, you vote for various items that are linked to sample drum beats drawn from presidential debates. Thus, as you vote, a little melody or rhythm forms around your electoral “voice” among the cut-and-paste mantras of politicians played on screen.

The resulting effect is an avant garde “voting” experience that fuses popular political culture with dystopian jitters. It’s a funny means to gamify the polling place, turning it into a musical play item. It’s also the type of random, odd pairing of disciplines that merges now and then so well, finding a clever use for vintage Votomatic voting booths.

While Video Voto Matic is an art piece of a time and place, what Richison did with this could be a great Max Headroom-esque means to make voting at events fun. You could easily see this installed at a party or art museum, to get people involved in a different way. For Made In L.A.? Absolutely. But for US elections? They probably won’t work. It’s fun to dream, though.

See Video Voto Matic in action on Instagram.

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