Wake Up And Shower With A Video Game Hunk

Have you ever wanted to have public shower sex but have a fear of getting fined for committing a public sex act? Do I have a game for you!

Rinse & Repeat is a “first person showering game” created by Roberto Yanga that is all about the experience of covert shower sex. It’s set in a gym bathroom where you—the player—basically shower all day until you are joined by a few hunks, one of which really wants you to clean his body. It’s a very suggestive game and, while there is no direct pulling the pork, a lot is inferred regarding what is happening in the shower.

It’s not as easy as you think, though. The game is all about patience and waiting for the right moment. In the true fashion of gay bath houses and public sex, there are hyper specific periods of time and moments for sex acts to be engaged in. You don’t just turn on Rinse & Repeat and get your virtual jack off on: you have to follow the listing of shower times on the board. It only happens once a day, for a brief period of time, after a workout class like “Piss Aerobics” or “Death Yoga.” Once you get your rendezvous with the shower man, you have to follow very specific instructions to keep the good times going. As is with any sex act, you have to act and react very specifically. You displease your partner and it’s game over. It can be fun and humorous and it can be boring and rewardless. Just like real (gay) life. (Note: there’s even Arca artwork in there to set the gay mood, too.)

I have yet to get to shower the hunk but I did stick around in the shower for at least ten minutes inspecting the scenery. It’s a fascinating real time game that is very obviously about the sexual cat and mouse, wait and reward. Yanga has a lot of games that deal with the gay experience and gay courting rituals and this one seems to be a breakout in that it’s so ridiculous and easy to laugh at. It’s more than jokes, though. It’s more than a computerized Tom Ford.

The game is available for $5 (Or more!) from itch.io: pick it up here.

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