Want More Versailles? There’s A Versailles Hermes Scarf.

In case the gift shops don’t give you that luxury you’re craving to match your Versaille visit, here is some good news: they have a fancy ass Hermes scarf made in honor of the grand palace. Better yet, the scarf goes to helping restore the grounds. This is fabulous.

The design is a neon jewel toned tour of the grounds, as sprawling and random as you know the place to be. Pierre Marie illustrated the silk map that feels like you are looking at the palace through Kool-Aid tinted sunglasses. It surely is a conversation piece and I certainly considered dropping down some cash to get my hands on one.

Versailles Hermes Scarf Restoration 1234KYLE5678 2

So how much does it cost? It’s like almost $400 dollars. It’s an Hermes scarf! What the fuck did you expect? It’s not some $35 novelty good. Also, it isn’t really even for sale yet: it’s on a weird pre-order and will be delivered in December of this year. In fact, you may not be able to order it anymore, it’s that exclusive. There were signs on the grounds for it, though, which means you can likely still get your hands on one.

If you can get one, get one for yourself in honor of me. Or get one for me. They’re really pretty, lively accessories that most definitely remind me of the day Bobby and I spent luxuriating on the ground, pretending we were Marie Antoinettes.

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