Welcome To A Mario Nightmare

Super Mario Maker comes out on September 11 and there has been a ton of media hyping up the release. Much of this has been in the form of levels people have made, examples of the game’s genius before the masses have even had a chance to try their hand at it. This has created some unbearable buzz because the stakes are already extremely high for wannabe makers and players alike.

Of all the levels I’ve seen making the rounds on YouTube, few have seemed like interactive stress zones, the types of level that you have to play and replay and replay because they require a certain timing, grace, and skill to pass. Well, they’ve been found: the levels that make your palm sweat and could potentially result in a hole in the wall are surfacing online. Thanks to Polygon’s review of the game, a video they made of their five favorite levels has given a taste of the unseen horrors of Mario Maker. There are levels where you must remain frozen, hopping at specific beats, in order to survive. There are levels that are a constant keep away, ones that defy and adhere to the constraints of a normal Mario level. There are games that are games you must play to advance. There’s a bit of everything.

The big takeaway to all this is that Super Mario Maker will be a terrible nightmare of delight, one that you are drawn into and will eventually burn you. I have the game on pre-order already and I will likely be spending a lot, a lot, a lot of time building and playing levels—but it’s going to be psychologically difficult. I’m already getting the shivers because this game is going to be too hard to handle. Bring it on.

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