Welcome To The Future: A Man With A Robot Penis Just Lost His Virginity

Who doesn’t love a good story about science and penises? I sure do! Those stories give me great hope for future boners.

Here is an excellent, excellent story about robo-dicks: a fortysomething Scottish man named Mohammed Abad—who had lost his penis after a brutal childhood car accident—finally lost his virginity thanks to a bionic penis. That title was not made up by me: “bionic penis” is what it’s being technically referred to.

So what makes it bionic? A few things, as you’ll see in the video below. First, they took skin from his forearm, which they “rolled up like a ‘sausage roll.'” That sounds delicious, doesn’t it? The technical parts within are made from “two rubber tubes and a reservoir of resin to pump into the penis.” The organ is operated by “pushing a button on his testicles to inflate and another one to deflate.” Wow! A push of your balls and you’ve got a boner: science is great! It also cost £70K—and is eight inches long. #Bless.

It should be noted that Abad’s penis was described as previously having been “a makeshift fleshy tube” and “a 3-centimeter tube allowing him to urinate.” Because the incident occurred in the seventies, it wasn’t until 2012 that the technology was good enough for him to get a new mechanical penis.

Abad initially tried and failed to lose his virginity with a sex worker named Charlotte Rose who specializes “in disabled clients.” After a failed first attempt, Abad and Rose successfully fucked after a near two hour session (which Rose charges £160 an hour for). In terms of her reaction to the member, the scene was described as such by Abad:

When Charlotte saw it for the first time, she was silent and I was a bit worried. But then she said: “It’s incredible.”

“It’s incredible.” Was she smiling? Salivating? Stuttering? I need more details on this, Abad. You’re not doing a very good job here!

Abad now feels like “a full man” and is hoping to have kids and move on with his abled, bionic penis life. Jokes aside, this story is pretty fucking incredible. It’s just insane and, obviously, stories like this will have a huge impact for others in need or wanting constructive surgery on their penises.

So here’s to Abad and his bionic penis! And I’m so thankful we’re living in a world where robot penises can—and will—eventually revolt.

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