We’re Fab: BOY CLUB Curated A Store!

It’s been a while since we had any BOY CLUB news to share, which has been a bummer since everything’s been generally mum for the moment. But, alas: some news for you to close out June!

We’re in the throes of getting BC II going, which is going to be fab, but in the interim we did a little collaboration with everyone’s favorite e-commerce creativity curator: Fab! Sooooooo…what does that mean? We did an interview and created a little shop for them.

BOY CLUB Shop Fab Curated style Bobby Solomon The Fox Is Black kyle fitzpatrick valley cruise press tracey tanner 1234kyle5678

There’s lots of undiscovered and familiar goodies in there that we’re stoked to share, all of which reflect our philosophy of super fun and super gay living. There’s some silly pinning and that one trendy pineapple cup, mismatched earrings and even a vibrator or two. There are also some things I’ve written about before, things that I’ve been a long time fan of: there’s some Tracey Tanner Activity Bags, Dusen Dusen sheets, and Rains rainwear. Lots!

You can catch the shop up now. Find some inspiration, buy a gift for a friend, or share the BOY CLUB love. Enjoy!

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