What Do Non-Americans Think Of Americans?

There’s a really interesting viral video going around that has a bunch of young, international students explaining how they can differentiate between Americans and those of other nationalities. There’s a lot of obvious stereotypes but a lot of surprising, sad face inspiring things these people bring up.

Here’s what I took away from this video:
• Everyone thinks we’re fat. (Duh.)
• We have no idea how to drink in a mature manner; therefore, all we want to do is get wasted.
• Stylistically, we’re quite lazy. Thus, we wear “big” clothing. (Ugh.)
• …and shorts are very American?! I guess that makes me super patriotic.
• I don’t know why this shocks me but we’re obsessed with money.
• We’re loud and gregarious.
• We “smell like freedom.”
• We’re confident? I need more of that.
• We’re white.

Also, how much of a bummer is this? Last time I was abroad, we were definitely very cautious to not live up to the stereotype of being “the ugly American.” We could easily pick those people out—but we didn’t want to be them. Unfortunately, it seems like “the ugly American” is simply “being American.” Dang. That sucks! For every pro (gregariousness, confidence, shorts) there is a pretty bad con (lazy, fat, don’t know how to drink).

Maybe if we weren’t so blindly confident, maybe we’d see that people see us as assholes. I guess we’re the millennials of the world.

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