What Is Her Story?

Could you solve a crime only with the words of a person? Could you take their descriptions and piece together both the crime and the solution? It’s a difficult task and that’s exactly what Her Story has you doing.

The game is a now-and-then computerized thriller that sees you investigating bits of found interview footage from the nineties of a woman giving information about a crime. It’s a bit like a Law & Order archive scramble paired with expert online analytic sleuthing in that you watch these interviews and then search a database for more clues, unlocking more information as you can. Details of the specific story are a bit scant but it’s supposed to be a great little lo-fi thriller.

It’s made by Sam Barlow, the creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle, and stars actress and singer Viva Seifert. It looks quite remarkable in that the game is literally bits and bits of recorded video pieces of Seifert in interview. There is a computer interface but, like vintage caper classic Night Trap, it incorporates footage of real people. I don’t know why that’s so rare in games these days but it is.

Her Story comes out tomorrow and has been getting some rave reviews. I’m fairly excited for this too since it employs such unique storytelling and gaming mechanics. It reminds me a lot of Papers, Please, which is a triumph of anti-gaming and storytelling. Her Story similarly provides you with a droll task (Scanning a computer database.) in order to advance. Yes, this is art of the ordinary but has the potential to be something really special.

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