“What Is Your Purpose?”

“What is the purpose of my life?” this New York Times article asks. “How do I find a moral compass so I can tell right from wrong? What should I do day by day to feel fulfillment and deep joy?”

That’s how the story starts, digging right into your core to know what you personally find your meaning to be. So, what is it? Do you have any idea what the mission statement of you is? As the article goes on, it’s author—David Brooks—maps out how society once looked to popular philosophers and religious leaders to help answer the question for us. Does this exist anymore? Not really. He’s quick to point out that public conversations about important subjects as such are “undermoralized and overpoliticized,” the conversation drifting from fluffy thinkers like poets and priests to hard minds, to “neuroscientists, economists, evolutionary biologists and big data analysts.”

I get that. But still: what is your purpose? Brooks is actively wondering this because people seem to want to talk about this now (and not just because he has a book about this). “When do you realize this purpose?” is the question I would volley back at him. “What if your purpose is being misinterpreted?” I also wonder.

It’s a very difficult question that kind of makes me want to cry. So, ask yourself the same question: what is your purpose? If this website was actually up and available to read, I would invite you to share your thoughts on the matter but it is not so talk amongst yourself, I suppose.

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